In June, 2014, Alex D'Jamoos and Sasha Pohilko attempted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on prosthetic legs for the second time. Their first attempt, in 2013, had ended with mixed results. Mr. Pohilko had made it to the first summit, but Mr. D'Jamoos was forced to turn back at the third camp, the final resting point before reaching the top. 

Accompanied by 11 friends and representing four charities, the team began their six-day journey to the summit of Africa's tallest mountain in high spirits. Did they make it to the top? Watch to find out. 

D'Jamoos and Pohilko received their prosthetic legs through the "I Want to Walk" program, which helps orphaned children get life-changing prostheses and make their first steps towards independent life. The trip was organized by Happy Families International Center to bring attention to people in need and challenge the conception of what it means to have a disability.

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