Client: Mpala Live!

Production Company: Talking Eyes Media

Role: Editor

What happens when two endangered species collide? Wild lions in Laikipia County, Kenya, are winning the struggle for survival thanks to the efforts of local conservationists, but one of the many animals they prey on is the Grevy's zebra, a species that is quickly approaching extinction. Researchers at the Mpala Research Centre are working to understand whether or not lion predation is making a significant impact of the survival of the Grevy's zebra and how changes in local ranching practices could help lions, zebras and many other struggling species. Discover how humans, livestock, and lions live together successfully. 

This video is part of a series produced by Talking Eyes Media and the Mpala Live! website about the fascinating research being conducted at Mpala, a cattle ranch and research facility dedicated to developing better ways for people and wildlife to coexist.For more information about Mpala and to see this video in context, please visit: For more information about Talking Eyes Media, please visit: